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RUX Rides is back with another rad adventure family with a bad-ass set of wheels. This week we’re featuring the Ricketts — a family of 4 living in Britannia Beach, just south of RUX’s HQ in Squamish, BC. COVID travel restrictions may have stifled their adventure plans this spring, but that didn’t stop them from setting up camp super close to home and making the most of it.

RUX Rides is back. This week we caught up with Jacob Lagercrantz here in RUXs backyard of Squamish, BC.

Jacob is a dad, outdoor recreationalist, mountain biker, backcountry skier, hiker and search and rescue member. He’s happiest spending time in the outdoors with his family, preferably in some remote place.

It’s been said that anything tastes good outdoors. We don’t buy it. Anyone who’s ever had macaroni for the third night in a row, or was forced to scrape burnt porridge out of a sooty pot knows that there are a multitude of ways to screw up a meal in the outdoors.

A good meal while camping can really elevate an outdoor experience. There’s nothing quite like working up an appetite in the fresh air, and then tucking into a delicious, simple meal prepared over a stove or fire. …

RUX is all about mobilizing your gear and getting after it. Garage to beach, truck to trailhead. Ready when you need it.

Everyone has their own system to gear up and go, just like everyone has their own unique adventure mobile to get them out and back. In #RUXrides we’re featuring some of those whips from the greater RUX family — friends, customers, family and random people we find on the trail.

First up, Matthias Pfannmueller — Defender TD5 — Switzerland.

Preparing for a camping trip embraces the RUX ethos of “Tight Gear, Loose Plans”. The camping mindset needs to be one of embracing adventure, expecting uncertainty and celebrating unexpected opportunities. If you’re busy trying to remember where you packed the firestarter, or unsuccessfully whittling spoons to replace forgotten cutlery while your children eat with their hands, the unscripted moments that make spending time in the outdoors so amazing will pass you by.

They say “Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance” (or “PPPPPP”). When packing for a camping trip, this is critical. It’s not a matter of just throwing a bunch of…

Distract ‘n Attack or Everyone In?

You’re trying to mobilize for a big family camping trip. Kids are on the loose. Do you distract them and pack on your own, or engage them in the process? Your move!

We’ve tried both. Many times. Here’s our tips:

Distract ‘n Attack.

AKA get your kids as far away from the packing process as you can ;)

Making time and space for camping prep is a clutch move. Prep the important stuff on your own time when they’re asleep or occupied.

  • Meals — There’s a grocery store en route to your destination. Should you grab all your trip food en route? Hell…

Camping with young kids is like juggling fire batons… hopefully a thrilling experience but it can go south in heartbeat if you aren’t prepared. Here’s a few of our favorite tips and hacks to stay ahead of the game on your next camping trip with young kids.

# 1 — Line Your Tent Floor

Any heavy camping blanket will do the trick, but kids’ foam play tiles are the real winner here. The kids are stoked to set them up, it makes the tent look like a play room, and you’ll all be warmer and more comfortable — day and night.

A RUX worth of camp kitchen gear, unpacked and ready.

While there will always be a place at the camp dinner table for a good ol’ hot dog in a bun, there comes a time when you’ll need to step your camp cooking game up. Hot dogs three days in a row get pretty tired. A well-planned and executed meal while in the great outdoors takes a camping trip to a whole other level. The key to a fantastic camp meal is the camp kitchen. Having the proper tools at hand will help you get to this hallowed level of “camp chef”.

Imagine your home kitchen. You have everything dialed…

Have you ever bought anything, ever? Unless you got it at a craft fair, it came in an intermodal shipping container. You know the ones; big steel boxes you see on trucks, trains, and boats. They work equally well in all three of those modes — hence the ‘intermodal’ moniker.

It seems like an obvious solution, but until the ’50s these didn’t exist. Instead, everything that was shipped had to be loaded and unloaded multiple times for different transportation modes.

Sounds like a pain in the ass right? You know what else it sounds like? …

Another happy garage. Photo by Blake Jorgensen.

You know the drill — keep your gear tight and your plans loose. Good things will happen. #TightGearTuesday is back with a twist. The unsung gear hero we’re featuring today doesn’t just keep his own gear locked ‘n loaded for a good time, you can pay him cash money to get your own $#!t together too. True story. We’re talking about Whistler’s own skicross Olympian Davey Barr.

Since his skicross days of elbowing his way to the podium, Davey matured into a ‘professional recreationalist’ according to his ‘gram profile. By the looks of if that means SUP paddling, kitesurfing, mountain…


RUX makes space for the good life by creating the most agile and sustainable systems for people to manage and move their gear.

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